Sun Safety: How to Keep Your Baby Safe from the Sun

Sun SafetySummer is in full swing and that means we have been outside as much as possible! The only drawback to always being outside is that we’re constantly battling the sun. However, there’s a few things that can help make it a little easier. Keep in mind that these tips may not work for all ages, infants should not be in the sun as long as older children and most pediatricians recommend no sunscreen before 6 months so you should keep that in mind as well.
Sun Shirts or Rash Guards – These are a lifesaver! They help to cover a lot of the skin, if not all of it, and they keep the suns harmful rays off of your little one’s skin. Even better, they’ve started to make them in adult sizes so the whole familSwimZip Sunsuity can be safe. I’ve found them pretty much anywhere that sells swimwear for kids but my favorite brand is SwimZip! They may not be the easiest on your budget, but if you watch for a sale they are pretty reasonable.

Hats and  A lot of people forget about their head when it comes to sunshine. Hats are the perfect solution and if you purchase a swim hat or a wide brimmed hat it not only protects their head, but also their face and eyes. I’ve My Swim Baby Sun Hatpurchased a My Swim Baby Sun Hat for the last two years and will continue to do so until Baby Budget no longer fits in them. They are super cute, have a strap that you can tie, are reversible, and are machine washable!

Sunglasses-Most babies won’t keep sunglasses on, or even older kids for that matter. However, if you’ve got a stylish dude or dudette who doesn’t mind the shades then it’s a perfect addition to your outdoor wardrobe! We purchased a pair of Babiators last year when they had a sale and not only did they fit perfectly, but they offer a lifetime guarantee on them! Perfect for a kid who loves to see how far sunglasses will bend before they break!

Sunscreen – The opinion on sunscreen seems to vary depending on who you’re talking to whether it be parent or pediatrician. However, we use sunscreen and I have found that Babyganics is my absolute favorite! (EWG rates it a 3 on a scale of 10 with 1 being the best, but honestly I didn’t know that before writing this we had just received it as a gift.) It’s a little thicker than other sunscreens that we have tried, but I tend to like that because then I can see that I have applied it everywhere. We currently apply sunscreen every 2-3 hours depending on whether or not we’ve been in the water. You can always apply it more often if needed. Snoozy Pop Up Tent

Shade- This can be a little harder to come by especially if you are in an area with no natural shade. A few options
could be an umbrella or a kids play tent. I recently discovered a few different varieties on Amazon and am hoping to test a few out! My favorite so far is the Snoozy Toddler Easy Pop Up Tent, plus it’s only $20! We always try to seek out shaded areas but when it’s not possible we make sure to keep ourselves protected with the other ways listed.

These are just a few quick tips that I follow to keep Baby Budget safe when in the sun! Do you have any additional ideas?

-Mama Budget

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