My Favorite Cloth Diapers

Have a baby that is still in diapers, or maybe you’re planning for a newborn? These are my top 5 favorite cloth diapers. This list is always up for discussion because cloth diapers, just like reusable diapers don’t work the same for everyone. Some kids are heavy wetters at night so you’ll need a different nighttime solution than I would. However, after over a year of cloth diapering these are my favorites!

BumGenius (Cotton Babies) Cloth Diapers – Cotton Babies tops my list only because they have so many different types of diapers under the same brand. We used BumGenius Freetimes during the day and Flips with prefolds at night. This allowed us to customize our nighttime diapers without having to buy a special type of diaper for an overnight solution.

Softbums Omni and Echo Cloth Diapers – These diapers were another favorite, but didn’t top the list because of the velcro. They are essentially shells that you add the inserts into, which once again allows for customization. Another favorite from these? They are literally one size fits all because the legs can be sized up or down with adjustable elastic.

Wolbybug Cloth Diapers – I actually won my one and only Wolbybug cloth diaper when I first started diapering and it quickly became one of my favorites. It was a ladybug like print, and it was an AIO (all-in-one) that fit perfectly. It did it’s job and that’s why it tops my list.

Osocozy Prefolds – These aren’t technically diapers, but they go on the list because they could be used solely as diapers with a snappy and cover. We actually used these as inserts in our Flips for nighttime customization. We used the bamboo ones and they hold a lot of liquid!

Grovia Cloth Diapers – These would probably be at the top of my list, but I didn’t learn about the brand until towards the end of cloth diapering, so we only owned one. It was a great diaper and very customizable, but they recently came out with a O.N.E. diaper, meant to be the true “all-in-one” diaper!


All of these diapers were rated based on how well they held up and actually worked for us over the last year. Plus, take a look at how cute some of those prints are! I know that I missed out on some favorites, but sticking with my budget, once we had enough diapers I stopped purchasing them which helped me save even more money in the long run! I covered the average cost of raising a child per year previously, and buying cloth diapers can help cut down on those costs!


-Mama Budget

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2-Week No Spending Challenge

Sunday was the beginning of my two week no spending challenge! This means that for two weeks we will be only spending on “needs” instead of “wants”. This can mean something different for every family, but for the budget family this means only buying groceries needed for each week of meals and gas for our vehicles to be driven only to work.

I started the no-spend challenge because I was looking for a way for our already frugal family to save even more. I’ve read so many blogs or articles saying to cut back on spend you should cut out cable, or stop eating out, cancel your gym memberships, etc. Yet, I always find myself asking, what about the people who have already done those things? How can I save even more? Well, this sparked the idea of the no-spend challenge to really see where our money is going. I often find great deals on things that we many not necessarily need, such as my closet full of toilet paper. Will we use it eventually? Yes! Do I need to keep buying more? No, not until I’ve diminished the amount I have to a much more manageable stockpile.

You can start a no-spend challenge and set the guidelines up for what fits best for your family. I suggest setting a time limit that you think is achievable but not going to be super easy. We set ours at 2 weeks but are hoping to hit a full month! You can also set guidelines for what you can and cannot spend on. Some families choose the route we are taking, others add in a date or pizza night. Let me know how you set up your no-spend challenge and how it turned out!

-Mama Budget

How To Save Money for Christmas from Home

How To Save Money for Christmas from HomeThe holiday’s are quickly approaching, which can both be an exciting time, and a stressful time for those who are on a tight budget. Without planning in the extra expenses you may face during the holidays, a lot of people end up going over budget. While we won’t be buying many gifts for Baby Budget this year, we’ll be buying 5 – Christmas pajamas, a “big girl” blanket, a book, an ornament, and a new bathtub toy. So, how can we do this without leaving the house?


Bing Rewards –Bing Sign Up

Bing is a search engine that offers you rewards points for simply searching. Every day you can receive a minimum of 30 points, 10 for searching on mobile and 20 for searching on your computer/tablet. Most days there will also be 1-2 additional rewards points. You can also earn 150 points for inviting friends. I like to save for Amazon or Toys R Us gift cards which are 525 points for $5. If you reach your 30 point goal every day, it will take you 17.5 days to earn a $5 gift card. That means that any extra points you receive, such as friend referrals, will help get you there faster. If you start now, you could have at least $15 in gift cards by Christmas! You can sign up for an account here!



Swagbucks is a muti-use platform that offers you rewards points for completing various activities, using their search engine, shopping through them, and answering surveys. There are so many ways to earn Swagbuckspoints! A $5 Amazon gift card is 500 Swagbucks, but they also have varying denominations that often go on sale. Another bonus, they have a ton of options to choose from! They offer various goals every day, and if you reach that goal, you earn additional Swagbucks! I highly recommend signing up and going through their “Get Started” tour, which will help explain all the ways to earn. Completing general tasks that don’t require a purchase will amount to $5-$10 a month in gift cards! You can sign up for an account here!



Ibotta is a phone app that pays you for buying groceries. When you download the app it will have various stores that have offers. You simply click on the offer you want, and then “unlock” it. This can be done by reading a fact, watching a short video, or answering a poll. You unlock all of the offers you want, Ibotta purchase the items, then upload your receipt by taking pictures of it. Not everything you purchase may be on there, as many items are brand specific, however lately they have had a few non-brand specific items as well. Rebates can range from $0.20 up to $40.00 if you complete bonus offers. There is a section in the app that tracks your bonuses, such as purchasing 2 of the same brand will sometimes give you an extra $1.00. Currently when you sign up and redeem your first offer it will give you a free $1.00. Plus for each friend you refer that redeems an offer, you will receive $2.00. May not sound like much now, but it does add up, and depending on the brands you purchase you could earn at least $10.00 by Christmas. You can sign up for an account here!



ShopAtHome offers you cash back for your online purchases. This is one of my favorite cash back sites as they offer a 110% guarantee, meaning if someone has a higher cash back percentage, they will beat it. They also offer ShopGold which are essentially points you earn on top of your cash back. Each purchase earns you at least 50 ShopGold and a $5 gift card is only 500 ShopGold. Even better, right now when you sign up and make your first $20.00 purchase, you earn your normal percentage cash back, a $10.00 bonus, and 100 ShopGold. The minimum amount to cash out is $20.00, and they will mail you a check. If you know you are going to be purchasing items that would qualify for free shipping from a store, look at it in store, then come home and purchase the item to receive the cash back. Plus most stores offer online discount codes to help you save even more! You can sign up here!


None of these are get rich quick schemes, and all of them are tried and true. There are various other ways to earn money, such as selling items around the house, or performing odd jobs. The ways I’ve provided can be used year round, and you can customize how often you want to use each one! Let me know if you’ve found any other tried and true ways to earn money at home!


-Mama Budget

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Saving Money with Cloth Wipes

Cloth wipes are an amazing investment, and they are so inexpensive! Not everyone wishes to use cloth wipes full time, and admittedly, I don’t either. However, if you use cloth wipes simply for wet diaper changes, think about how much money you are saving! Plus, there’s nothing special you have to do with a cloth wipe, spray it with water, wipe baby’s bum, and throw it in the laundry with everything else! You can purchase solutions or additives for your spray, however we’ve been using a spray bottle with water and it works just fine!

We’ve used a few different brands of cloth wipes and so far my absolute favorite are these, from Generation Me.

Cloth wipes


We currently own 24 of these, and they are fantastic! Not only do they have cute prints, but after 7 months of daily use the only wear I’ve seen is some slight curling at one of the edges, and some pilling which doesn’t affect use.

Cloth Wipes


They are thicker than most of the wipes we use, which is great because your hand doesn’t get wet when you spray the wipe. They are also the perfect size! The water bottle we use to spray them is from the Dollar Store. So, let’s do the math!

Cloth Wipes 25-ct.; $18.75

Huggies Wipes 648-ct.; $11.11

We change Baby Budget about 8-10 times a day, sometimes even more, but as a general we will say 10 wet diapers a day. This means that in a little over 2 months we would have to buy another box of wipes. After 4 months we would have already exceeded the cost of cloth wipes. Plus, if you have multiple babies, this is an even bigger savings! The Generation Me wipes are my favorite, but there are also some great tutorials online to make your own, which would make the savings even greater!

Cloth Wipes

This review is completely my own, I wasn’t provided the wipes for the review, in fact, I purchased them at least 6 months before Baby On A Budget even existed! Let me know if you use cloth wipes as well!

-Mama Budget