Free eBooks from BookBub!

Free eBooks from BookBubOne of my favorite ways to relax is to curl up with a good book. When I’m feeding Baby Budget I often read a book on my phone or Kindle. We used to go to the library weekly, but once Baby Budget came (and discovered a love for chewing on books) we stopped going as much. I’ve always looked for ways to get books for free and for a long time I would type in a subject into Amazon and then sort low to high in the books category. I would find a few titles but it was usually time consuming and some weren’t worth it. Then I was introduced to BookBub! When you sign up they help customize your experience so that they are recommending books that should suit you. Even better, they will email you a book list every day with discounted and free books! Plus, BookBub itself is absolutely free! You can sign up here!


Here are few of the books I’ve discovered via BookBub: (more…)

5 Free Board Books – Just Pay Shipping!

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Have you ever heard of Babsy B Board Books? No, I hadn’t either. So, I did a little research on them when I found this great offer to get 5 board books for free using the code “BABYOAB15“, catch is you have to pay shipping. The Budget family is obsessed with books, one day I’ll show you Baby Budget’s vast collection of books that continues to grow! I think it’s so important to start reading books to children at an early age, some even start in the womb! It’s also important to teach children how to care for books. This may not seem important, but teaching them at a young age to care for something as simple as a book, will translate later in life as well!

Babsy B Board Book

Back to the board books! Babsy B Board Books are sturdy, filled with great graphics, and include rhymes and simple sentences for your little ones to understand. When I worked with younger children, rhymes were fantastic because it’s something they could easily remember, and helped them to quickly build their vocabulary! I don’t personally own any, but I’ll be taking advantage of this deal so that I can give a full review when I receive them. If still unsure about the books there is a great review of them by Busy Bee Kate!

Babsy B Books

Now onto the deal! Currently you can purchase 5 Babsy B Board Books for just the price of shipping! You will need to select your 5 books, add them to your cart, then use coupon code “BABYOAB15” to receive the discount. Yes, this is my affiliate code, however I truly think it’s a good deal, and will be purchasing them myself! Shipping varies depending on where you live, mine was $13.99. Now, $14 for shipping does seem steep, but if you consider you are getting 5 books, that means you are only paying $2.80 per book! Keep an eye on the site for my personal review of the books and come back and let us know how you liked them as well!

5 Free Board Books

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