Sweetie Pie Organics Snacks Review

Sweetie Pie Organics ReviewI was recently selected as a Brand Ambassador for Sweetie Pie Organics and I am over the moon excited to share with you their products. We strive to feed Baby Budget the healthiest, low in sugar, organic products we can find. Assuming you also have a little one you know sometimes it seems impossible! That is until we found Sweetie Pie snacks. I am honestly telling you that even after trying these myself, they are amazing! My Sweetie Pie Organic snacks go everywhere with us. They offer tiny wafers which are great for teething little ones and freeze dried snacks. (more…)

Can Formula Be Refrigerated?

We recently talked about ways to save money on formula. All of these were savings on actually purchasing the formula, but what about when you get it home and are ready to use it? Can you refrigerate formula? Can formula be reheated? These are great questions that new moms should be asking! Let’s start with the basics.Can I Put Formula in the Fridge?

Formula should be mixed with water according to the instructions located on your formula container. Too much or too little water can be a bad thing, so make sure you are following the instructions. If you are off by a small amount you’ll be ok! Make sure you test the water before filling the bottle as well, our water can go from lukewarm to burning in a second so keep checking as you fill the bottle. If you’re worried about mixing the formula you could always splurge on a Baby Brezza Formula Maker, it’s like the Keurig of the baby world. Otherwise, you can simply shake the bottle to mix the formula. Keep in mind these recommendations are ONLY for formula, and they are just that recommendations.


Do I have to sterilize my bottles and how do I sterilize them? (more…)

Pampers Rewards Program

The average cost of purchasing disposable diapers and wipes per year is $830. If you’re spending that money on Pampers diapers then make sure you’re checking the packages for codes to their rewards program.Pampers Rewards Grow On

There are two different ways to earn goodies from the Pampers Rewards program. The first is from the Grow On! Program. This rewards you for entering in a code from a package of diapers or wipes every month The second is the points themselves, which can easily add up if you’re purchasing diapers every week. (more…)

How to Save Money on Infant Formula

Baby formula is expensive and depending on what type your child needs or your pediatrician recommends it can sometimes be difficult to find savings. Breastfeeding is highly recommended although it is not for every mom, and therefore saving money on formula can help any budget! I recently discussed the average cost of raising a child per year and found that formula can cost around $1,000!

Here are a few of my favorite money saving tips: (more…)

Average Cost of Raising a Child Per Year

The average cost of raising a child per year according to the Huffington Post is about $12,000 a year. This might seem steep, and depending on how you are raising your child it could be even more. Let’s get into the specifics:

Pampers DiapersPampers Baby Wipes  Best Bottom Cloth Diaper Cover OsoCozy Cloth Baby Wipes

Diapers and Wipes:

You average 8-10 diapers a day, at about $0.20 a diaper if you catch a good sale means you will pay $730 for diapers. Add in wipes and that’s an extra $100. If you choose the cloth diaper route you will pay for your stash to start with which can average $100 for covers and prefolds. Add in an extra tub of laundry detergent every month and some cloth wipes for about $90.

Disposable $830

Cloth: $190


Chicken of The Sea Tuna Recall

If you haven’t read recently, Bumble Bee tuna issued a recall on their tuna saying that it could have a deadly bacteria after an equipment malfunction caused it to be undercooked. Now, Chicken of the Sea and HEB are also recalling their tuna. Here are the recalled cans information. You can also check out more information about the recall here.

Chicken of the Sea 5 Oz. Canned Chunk Light Tuna in Oil

Chicken of the Sea Brand 5 oz. canned chunk light tuna in oil sold at retailers nationwide in single cans between Feb. 10, 2016 and March 16, 2016.
The UPC code is 0 4800000195 5 and the Best By date is 2/10/19.

6OA3Z SCEES 2/10/19

6OAAZ SCEES 2/10/19

6OABZ SCEEB 2/10/19

6OACZ SCEEB 2/10/19

Chicken of the Sea 5 Oz. Canned Chunk Light Tuna in Water

Chicken of the Sea Brand 5 oz. canned chunk light tuna in water sold at retailers nationwide in single cans between Feb. 18, 2016 and March 16, 2016.
The UPC code is 0 4800000245 7.

The Best By dates are: (more…)

Tonight Took A Little Longer

I started Baby On A Budget not only because I truly want to help others save money while raising children, but also because I enjoy writing. I enjoy letting others know the endless stream of thoughts and ideas that cross my mind on a daily basis. This is my outlet, and therefore tonight I bring you…

Tonight Took A Little Longer

I bathed Baby Budget and put her in her pajamas. We read a book, drank a bottle, and then rocked. She decided it wasn’t quite bedtime so we went out into the living room and played, had a snack, and read another book. Thirty minutes later she still wasn’t quite ready for bed, but we went into her room to rock anyway. She drank a bottle, and we rocked. Generally getting Baby Budget to sleep is a pretty quick process, yet tonight it took a little longer. I rubbed her head and face, hummed her a song and we rocked. Did I mention we rocked? It took about an hour the second time until she fell asleep, and then we stayed there and I watched her sleep. Now what’s the point to all of this?

On a daily basis I see the crime and hate on the news and even my Facebook feed. I see parents who lose little ones way to early, and little ones lose parents too early as well. There’s so much sadness and hate in the world, that tonight I just wanted to spend extra time with Baby Budget. She won’t be little forever, and she surely won’t want mom to rock her forever. I laid my head on hers and simply smelled her hair and kissed her sweet head. Most nights I’m not home, as I work a full time job, and even when I am home I am often in a hurry that I forget to take extra time. I forget that in no time at all she will be grown. Yet, tonight it took a little longer and I’m okay with that. So when your little one just doesn’t want to sleep, or they need to be read just one more book and get that last drink of water, just remember they are not little forever. Hug them close and kiss them tight, because some nights it takes a little longer.

-Mama Budget

No-Spending Challenge Update: Week 1

The Budget family has just finished Week 1 of our newly created No-Spend 2 Week Challenge. At first, it was tough! I’m a huge couponer/deal hunter and love to find a good deal. So, finding a good deal and not buying it was kind of like torture. Then we sat down and had a discussion about why we were saving and what we are No Spend Challengesaving for. In the long run we do wish to be debt free (doesn’t everyone?) and to be able to travel at a moment’s notice! (more…)

Cutielunch Reusable Squeeze Pouches

I was recently tried out Cutielunch Reusable Squeeze Pouches. This could not have come at a more perfect time as Baby Budget is starting to want to feed herself, but isn’t the cleanest when it comes to pureed foods. I know that pre-made pouches are readily available at any grocery store, however I’ve heard way to many instances of mold being found in the pouches to even give them a chance. Enter, reusable pouches!

Cutielunch Reusable Pouches

These pouches have a zip-locking bottom and a cap that spins on or off. They are also see through in all areas that don’t have a design, this is one of my favorite parts because it allows me to make sure that the insides are completely clean when washing. They can be placed in the dishwasher, but I’ve found it super easy to wash them when I’m washing bottles. A bottle brush fits inside perfectly and gets all of the harder to clean areas.

We’re currently testing out different foods that work well inside the pouches but so far a few favorites have been (more…)

2-Week No Spending Challenge

Sunday was the beginning of my two week no spending challenge! This means that for two weeks we will be only spending on “needs” instead of “wants”. This can mean something different for every family, but for the budget family this means only buying groceries needed for each week of meals and gas for our vehicles to be driven only to work.

I started the no-spend challenge because I was looking for a way for our already frugal family to save even more. I’ve read so many blogs or articles saying to cut back on spend you should cut out cable, or stop eating out, cancel your gym memberships, etc. Yet, I always find myself asking, what about the people who have already done those things? How can I save even more? Well, this sparked the idea of the no-spend challenge to really see where our money is going. I often find great deals on things that we many not necessarily need, such as my closet full of toilet paper. Will we use it eventually? Yes! Do I need to keep buying more? No, not until I’ve diminished the amount I have to a much more manageable stockpile.

You can start a no-spend challenge and set the guidelines up for what fits best for your family. I suggest setting a time limit that you think is achievable but not going to be super easy. We set ours at 2 weeks but are hoping to hit a full month! You can also set guidelines for what you can and cannot spend on. Some families choose the route we are taking, others add in a date or pizza night. Let me know how you set up your no-spend challenge and how it turned out!

-Mama Budget