Chicken of The Sea Tuna Recall

If you haven’t read recently, Bumble Bee tuna issued a recall on their tuna saying that it could have a deadly bacteria after an equipment malfunction caused it to be undercooked. Now, Chicken of the Sea and HEB are also recalling their tuna. Here are the recalled cans information. You can also check out more information about the recall here.

Chicken of the Sea 5 Oz. Canned Chunk Light Tuna in Oil

Chicken of the Sea Brand 5 oz. canned chunk light tuna in oil sold at retailers nationwide in single cans between Feb. 10, 2016 and March 16, 2016.
The UPC code is 0 4800000195 5 and the Best By date is 2/10/19.

6OA3Z SCEES 2/10/19

6OAAZ SCEES 2/10/19

6OABZ SCEEB 2/10/19

6OACZ SCEEB 2/10/19

Chicken of the Sea 5 Oz. Canned Chunk Light Tuna in Water

Chicken of the Sea Brand 5 oz. canned chunk light tuna in water sold at retailers nationwide in single cans between Feb. 18, 2016 and March 16, 2016.
The UPC code is 0 4800000245 7.

The Best By dates are: (more…)

Tonight Took A Little Longer

I started Baby On A Budget not only because I truly want to help others save money while raising children, but also because I enjoy writing. I enjoy letting others know the endless stream of thoughts and ideas that cross my mind on a daily basis. This is my outlet, and therefore tonight I bring you…

Tonight Took A Little Longer

I bathed Baby Budget and put her in her pajamas. We read a book, drank a bottle, and then rocked. She decided it wasn’t quite bedtime so we went out into the living room and played, had a snack, and read another book. Thirty minutes later she still wasn’t quite ready for bed, but we went into her room to rock anyway. She drank a bottle, and we rocked. Generally getting Baby Budget to sleep is a pretty quick process, yet tonight it took a little longer. I rubbed her head and face, hummed her a song and we rocked. Did I mention we rocked? It took about an hour the second time until she fell asleep, and then we stayed there and I watched her sleep. Now what’s the point to all of this?

On a daily basis I see the crime and hate on the news and even my Facebook feed. I see parents who lose little ones way to early, and little ones lose parents too early as well. There’s so much sadness and hate in the world, that tonight I just wanted to spend extra time with Baby Budget. She won’t be little forever, and she surely won’t want mom to rock her forever. I laid my head on hers and simply smelled her hair and kissed her sweet head. Most nights I’m not home, as I work a full time job, and even when I am home I am often in a hurry that I forget to take extra time. I forget that in no time at all she will be grown. Yet, tonight it took a little longer and I’m okay with that. So when your little one just doesn’t want to sleep, or they need to be read just one more book and get that last drink of water, just remember they are not little forever. Hug them close and kiss them tight, because some nights it takes a little longer.

-Mama Budget

No-Spending Challenge Update: Week 1

The Budget family has just finished Week 1 of our newly created No-Spend 2 Week Challenge. At first, it was tough! I’m a huge couponer/deal hunter and love to find a good deal. So, finding a good deal and not buying it was kind of like torture. Then we sat down and had a discussion about why we were saving and what we are No Spend Challengesaving for. In the long run we do wish to be debt free (doesn’t everyone?) and to be able to travel at a moment’s notice! (more…)

Cutielunch Reusable Squeeze Pouches

I was recently tried out Cutielunch Reusable Squeeze Pouches. This could not have come at a more perfect time as Baby Budget is starting to want to feed herself, but isn’t the cleanest when it comes to pureed foods. I know that pre-made pouches are readily available at any grocery store, however I’ve heard way to many instances of mold being found in the pouches to even give them a chance. Enter, reusable pouches!

Cutielunch Reusable Pouches

These pouches have a zip-locking bottom and a cap that spins on or off. They are also see through in all areas that don’t have a design, this is one of my favorite parts because it allows me to make sure that the insides are completely clean when washing. They can be placed in the dishwasher, but I’ve found it super easy to wash them when I’m washing bottles. A bottle brush fits inside perfectly and gets all of the harder to clean areas.

We’re currently testing out different foods that work well inside the pouches but so far a few favorites have been (more…)

2-Week No Spending Challenge

Sunday was the beginning of my two week no spending challenge! This means that for two weeks we will be only spending on “needs” instead of “wants”. This can mean something different for every family, but for the budget family this means only buying groceries needed for each week of meals and gas for our vehicles to be driven only to work.

I started the no-spend challenge because I was looking for a way for our already frugal family to save even more. I’ve read so many blogs or articles saying to cut back on spend you should cut out cable, or stop eating out, cancel your gym memberships, etc. Yet, I always find myself asking, what about the people who have already done those things? How can I save even more? Well, this sparked the idea of the no-spend challenge to really see where our money is going. I often find great deals on things that we many not necessarily need, such as my closet full of toilet paper. Will we use it eventually? Yes! Do I need to keep buying more? No, not until I’ve diminished the amount I have to a much more manageable stockpile.

You can start a no-spend challenge and set the guidelines up for what fits best for your family. I suggest setting a time limit that you think is achievable but not going to be super easy. We set ours at 2 weeks but are hoping to hit a full month! You can also set guidelines for what you can and cannot spend on. Some families choose the route we are taking, others add in a date or pizza night. Let me know how you set up your no-spend challenge and how it turned out!

-Mama Budget

Don’t Judge Me.

I’m on social media as it seems almost everyone is these days. I’m in mommy groups, business groups, craft and hobby groups, you name it I’m probably in it. However, the one thing that bothers me most in these groups are moms who feel the need to say; don’t judge me… These are some of the most common ones I’ve seen:

Don’t judge me for the messy house.

Don’t judge me for no makeup, I have a newborn.

Don’t judge the outfit I didn’t leave the house today. 

Don’t judge her outfit she picked it out herself. 

I know his shoes are on the wrong feet but he did it himself, don’t judge.

The list could go on and on. But why? Moms stop judging each other and you wouldn’t have to be worried about being judged yourself. Stop apologizing for something that you have no reason to apologize for! We’ve all left the house with something we weren’t quite sure what it was on our shirts, or we knew and just didn’t care. We’ve all had days were we don’t want to put makeup on because “hey I just had a baby and it’s hard work!” Or there’s moms who haven’t had any issues and have a perfect house, congratulations! That doesn’t mean we should shame them and say oh just you wait until blah blah blah. Then again that seems to be what social media has given us. It’s given us freedom to sit behind a screen and judge others while our own kids are running around naked and peeing on the floor. So I ask, no I beg, please stop judging! You never know the situation or the circumstance that a child or parent might be in. See the child and not the tantrum, see the beautiful mom and not the messy hair, see the home that a family is able to live in and not the mess. See the beauty in life. 

-Mama Budget

Cutting the Cord with Cable

Cutting The Cord with CableI seem to come across posts about “cutting the cord” quite often, and if you asked me two years ago if I could do this I would probably laugh. However, last year we did stop paying for cable and I can’t say that I’ve missed it! There are a few different ways to still watch your favorite shows, and they are a lot cheaper than paying a monthly cable bill!

Streaming Devices – These little devices are so handy because you can plug one into any TV in your home. They are essentially “smart devices” that will stream your favorite content. We own a Roku and there are a lot of free streaming apps such as Crackle, PBS Kids, The History Channel, and CBS. The devices can range anywhere from $10-$100 depending on what type you are looking for.

Antenna – I was very skeptical about installing an antenna, but when we did I was blown away. We receive 30+ channels, and they come in crystal clear. This option will not be the same for everyone as the amount of channels you  receive depends on your area as well as the type of antenna you own. We purchased an inexpensive flat antenna that can mount to a window.

Hulu- This is a great service that provides the latest shows and movies just two days after they have aired. It’s $7.99 a month as long as you don’t mind a few commercials, plus you can refer friends to receive 2 weeks free! You can also link your Plenti card to your account and earn points for watching your favorite shows. I love Hulu because you can share with a friend as well as stop your subscription at any time! I recently read a post here, about how they use their Bing Rewards to pay for their Hulu every month, so it’s basically free!

Netflix – This is my favorite service for watching movies. It’s packed with movies that over time become catered to you based on what you like to watch. It also has a kid’s only section that is packed with not only movies but also shows! You can earn free Netflix every month by participating in Swagbucks!

Amazon Video – Accessing Amazon Video means that you need an Amazon Prime membership which is $99 a year. This turns out to be $8.25 a month, and not only gives you the benefits of streaming shows, but also gives you free 2-day shipping on thousands of items and access to members only coupons. Another part of Amazon Prime that I really like is that you can access their Kindle library, and you receive a free book every month! You can try out a free 30-day trial here!

These are just a few of the ways to help “cut the cord”, you can always just stop watching TV altogether, or rent your favorites from the library once they arrive. Since cutting the cord I honestly haven’t watched TV as much, which means Baby Budget isn’t looking at a screen either! It’s become a win-win for the whole family!

-Mama Budget


Thrift Store Shopping

One of my favorite ways to save money is to shop at a thrift store. Many stores have websites or social media pages that will let you know about their latest sales or promotions. My local Salvation Army has colored tag sales, if the item you are purchasing matches the color of the day it’s only $0.99. I often find some great items at thrift stores, like a complete set of Winnie the Pooh books for $1.00. However, there are also a lot of things you shouldn’t purchase at a thrift store, especially for a baby.

To Buy or Not To Buy:

Clothes: BUY! Babies grow so quickly that you may feel like all you are doing is buying new clothes for the first few years. Purchasing from a thrift store can save you a lot of money, just make sure you check the item completely. Look for any stains, holes, missing buttons, anything that will keep the outfit from being worn. Make sure you wash the item before putting it on baby!

Blankets: BUY! Blankets much like clothes can be easily washed, just check for any wear that would keep the blanket from being used.

Car Seats: PASS! Car seats should never be used if they have been in an accident. If purchasing from a thrift store you have no access to the seats history. Plus, car seats are always evolving to better protect your child, so do your research and purchase one new that is best for your family.

Cloth Diapers: MAYBE. This is a big maybe for me, I would not personally purchase a cloth diaper from a thrift store unless it was new in the package. I would however, purchase a cloth diaper from a garage sale where I could ask the owner how they were washed and how the elastic and PUL are holding up. Purchasing from a thrift store you run the risk of them not having been properly cared for and possibly leaking. Also, make sure you know your brands. Thrift stores may not be familiar with pricing on cloth diapers and may sell an $8 diaper for $10 without even knowing they were charging more.

Cribs: PASS! There are always great deals on cribs, and without knowing if all the pieces are there or if the crib has been recalled it’s better to just pass. Older cribs can have the wrong slats, and crib sides that are adjustable are no longer recommended.

Nursery Furniture: BUY! Looking to purchase a dresser or rocker? Buying used is perfect, just make sure it’s in good working condition and that the paint is not peeling or chipping before taking it home.

Toys: MAYBE. It’s always nice to save on toys, however if buying used make sure you thoroughly inspect the toy for any damage; cracks, broken pieces, anything that might snag. Also, make sure it’s something that can be fully cleaned. I don’t recommend purchasing stuffed animals new, however I know others who have no problem with it.

Overall, purchasing secondhand can be a great way to stretch your budget. Just make sure you are checking for product recalls, and that the items you are purchasing are safe for your child!

-Mama Budget

Children’s Cough Medicine Recall

The manufacturer Perrigo has issued a recall for it’s children’s cough medicine sold in CVS and HEB stores. 

The dosage cups included in the packages were incorrectly labeled and may lead to incorrect dosages given. The specific products are Guaifenesin in Grape flavor and Guaifenesin DM in Cherry flavor. You can learn more about the recall as well as check to see if your products have been affected here.

-Mama Budget


Recyclebank Rewards

Recyclebank is one of my favorite rewards programs because you not only earn rewards without actually having to purchase anything, but you also learn some fantastic information about different ways to recycle, save energy, and other earth friendly tips. Depending on the area you live in you may even earn points for simply recycling!

From the site:

Recyclebank inspires and rewards smarter, everyday choices for a more sustainable future.
We know that it takes a group effort to make a positive impact, which is why we bring
together communities, businesses and people like you.

Recyclebank Daily Pledge

You can earn points quite easily, and they add up very quickly. There are interactive options such as completing a quiz, viewing a slideshow, or reading an article which all offer points. You can also click on the “Daily Pledge” on the right side of the page to receive 5 points every day. You can sign up here, which will then prompt you for your information which includes your address, they will determine if there is a recycling option in your area. If there is then you will earn points just for recycling, if it is not available in your area you can still earn points. I have never had the option to earn points for recycling and I have earned quite a few rewards.

Earn Recyclebank Points

Little Twig Bath Mitt

The rewards range from magazines and discounts to actual products and gift cards. My favorite one to save up for is the One Twine gift card. One Twine is Recyclebank’s own store and they offer some amazing products. I recently earned enough points to cash out for this cute little Ladybug bath mitt!

Rewards points vary, and to earn the most points it does require you to be able to recycle in your area. However, if you check in once a week, or once a day to do the daily pledge, the points do add up. Set a goal for yourself, I’m currently working towards a $25 One Twine gift card to buy new bath products for Baby Budget! I often like to use rewards programs to purchase the items I wouldn’t normally purchase, or things that may be out of my budget. The ladybug bath mitt is currently being set aside for Baby Budget’s birthday, something small, but at this age they don’t remember the presents, it’s just fun watching them open them!

Do you have a favorite reward program? Let me know in the comments, and I may just add it to my list!

-Mama Budget