My Favorite Cloth Diapers

Have a baby that is still in diapers, or maybe you’re planning for a newborn? These are my top 5 favorite cloth diapers. This list is always up for discussion because cloth diapers, just like reusable diapers don’t work the same for everyone. Some kids are heavy wetters at night so you’ll need a different nighttime solution than I would. However, after over a year of cloth diapering these are my favorites!

BumGenius (Cotton Babies) Cloth Diapers – Cotton Babies tops my list only because they have so many different types of diapers under the same brand. We used BumGenius Freetimes during the day and Flips with prefolds at night. This allowed us to customize our nighttime diapers without having to buy a special type of diaper for an overnight solution.

Softbums Omni and Echo Cloth Diapers – These diapers were another favorite, but didn’t top the list because of the velcro. They are essentially shells that you add the inserts into, which once again allows for customization. Another favorite from these? They are literally one size fits all because the legs can be sized up or down with adjustable elastic.

Wolbybug Cloth Diapers – I actually won my one and only Wolbybug cloth diaper when I first started diapering and it quickly became one of my favorites. It was a ladybug like print, and it was an AIO (all-in-one) that fit perfectly. It did it’s job and that’s why it tops my list.

Osocozy Prefolds – These aren’t technically diapers, but they go on the list because they could be used solely as diapers with a snappy and cover. We actually used these as inserts in our Flips for nighttime customization. We used the bamboo ones and they hold a lot of liquid!

Grovia Cloth Diapers – These would probably be at the top of my list, but I didn’t learn about the brand until towards the end of cloth diapering, so we only owned one. It was a great diaper and very customizable, but they recently came out with a O.N.E. diaper, meant to be the true “all-in-one” diaper!


All of these diapers were rated based on how well they held up and actually worked for us over the last year. Plus, take a look at how cute some of those prints are! I know that I missed out on some favorites, but sticking with my budget, once we had enough diapers I stopped purchasing them which helped me save even more money in the long run! I covered the average cost of raising a child per year previously, and buying cloth diapers can help cut down on those costs!


-Mama Budget

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Zoocchini Hooded Towel Review

I feel like you either have a child who loves bathtime or they absolutely hate it. Thankfully, Baby Budget loves it. I’m pretty sure she would stay in there for hours if I let her. When it’s time to get out and dry off for the first few months I used a baby towel, which she very quickly outgrew because they are so tiny. Then switching to a normal towel I started to hunt for something better. It’s just a towel right? Wrong. I stumbled across Zoocchini Hooded Towels for babies and toddlers and could not be more excited to share my review with you.

Zoocchini Hooded Towel       Zoocchini Flippy the Frog Hooded Towel

Side Note: See the hand in the picture? That’s Baby Budget, she couldn’t wait for me to take pictures so she could hold her frog.


The towels are 100% cotton plush terry and are extremely soft. Even after a few washes, which is what normally makes towels hard and crunchy, it’s still soft enough that Baby Budget wraps herself in it like a blanket. The towels are hooded which not only helps to keep baby warm, but it also helps to dry their hair. They come in two sizes, baby which is recommended for ages 0+ and measures 30 x 30 inches. Then the kids size which is recommended for ages 2+ and measures 50 x 22 inches. Baby Budget is quite tall for her age and at 18 months the baby size is still quite large for her. It touches the ground when she is standing which is nice because then I can wrapZoocchini Hooded Towel her feet up in it to dry them off. This also means that if you buy one when your child is born they’ll be able to use it for 2+ years before you have to size up. The towels are not only functional, but cute as well. They come in different animals that are displayed on the hood in a 3D fashion and on the kids size on the “arm” part they feature the animals’
paws. The baby towels are $25.99 and the kids towels are $35.99. If you ever have the opportunity to visit a retailer to feel these before you buy them I absolutely recommend it. Plus, if you follow them on social media or join their mailing list they often have exclusive coupon codes for their fans.
If you’re looking to purchase this as a gift or even for your own family they also have matching bath mitts. They are much more soft and friendly looking than a giant washcloth for your little ones face and body. Plus they are made out of 100% cotton plush terry just like the towels. The ‘plush terry’ part of the cotton simply means that it is highly absorbent and still remains soft.

This wouldn’t be a fair review if I didn’t also talk about the company itself. I have long followed Zoocchini on their social media account but never really looked into the brand itself until I had a baby. If you visit their About Us page on their website you’ll find that they truly care about the products they make and that they make sure to meet or exceed industry standards. Something that stood out to me when reading about them was this quote,

“We build a positive message that everyone and everything is individually beautiful… and different!” -Zoocchini

This ties into their slogan , “Friends come in all shapes, sizes and colors. ZOOCCHINI… beautifully different!” Reading that speaks volumes to me because I try so hard to find responsible and positive brands to support. When purchasing products from them I now know that I can not only count on the quality of the product but also the brand itself. They also carry additional products besides the bath towels and mitt which include backpacks, underwear, training pants, blankets, rattles, bibs, diapers and sun hats! I’ve personally used their sun hats and swim diapers before and they are fantastic.

If you would like to learn more about Zoocchini or make a purchase you can find their website here, as well as all of their social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. I do warn you though that following their Instagram may make you purchase more than one towel after seeing all the fun the kids are having with them! It’s also a great way to see some of their other products showcased.

I did receive the hooded towel for free to review however the thoughts and opinions in this review are entirely my own.

-Mama Budget

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Neocell Biotin Bursts Review

A few months ago I received a package of Neocell’s Biotin Bursts to try out and review. I had been experiencing some pretty terrible postpartum hair loss (think giant monster in your drain), and was looking for ways to help stop the hair loss. After quite a bit of research that Biotin might be my answer, I started to ask around about what type or brand of Biotin to purchase. Most people I asked pointed me in the direction of Neocell!

I had never previously heard of or even tried any of Neocell’s produts, yet love the fact that they are a family owned company. They work to leave as small of a carbon footprint as possible and use 100% Post Consumer Resin in their packaging. I visited their site after learning about getting the chance to review them and one of the pieces I found that stood out the most was this, “NeoCell is a family owned, family run company and understands the importance of leaving a clean, healthy world to our children.” I’m a huge supporter of companies that work to make the world a better place for future generations so I was instantly sold when I read how great Neocell is as a brand.

Neocell Biotin BurstsI received a box of Biotin Bursts to review and inside is a bag with individually wrapped chews. Each package contains 30 chews, meaning it’s a one month supply. I’m super sensitive to tastes, which is the nice way of saying I’m super picky. So, I thought oh boy I’m never going to like these, which generally means I take them for a few weeks and then start to taper off. However, these little chews taste amazing! Remember the grape Bubblicious gum you chewed as a kid? These taste just like that! Do keep in mind though that these are supplements and should not be eaten as candy! I kept mine up in my medicine cabinet because they do look like candy and I did not want them to be mistaken as such by anyone else.

I wanted to really have a chance to try these out before I formulated my honest opinion about them which is why it’s taken me so long to review them. I went through the entire package and will definitely be buying more, because they really helped. I am down to my normal amount of hair loss (I have super long hair so this isn’t unusual), and I feel like my hair is more full than before I had started taking them. They taste great so I don’t dread taking them like I do for most other vitamins, and they are reasonably priced. I also like the fact that they areNeocell Biotin Bursts Chews individually packaged. We do a lot of travelling in the summer and it’s super easy to pop however many I need in my backpack rather than have to worry about bringing a whole box or a pill bottle.

The bursts not only contain Biotin but they also contain Acai Berry which works in your body as an antioxidant. I was glad to see that the packaging states that they do not contain Gluten, Palm Oil or Soy. As someone who works on avoiding Gluten this was a welcome sign!

Neocell has a lot of other great products that also contain Biotin, so if you’re not looking for a straight Biotin product you can also try their Beauty Infusion products which contain 3,000MCG of Biotin compared to the 10,000MCG that the chews contain. If you’re interested in purchasing any of their products you can find a product locator on their website here!

-Mama Budget

I received a package of Neocell’s Biotin Bursts to review for free, however the thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own. Read my full disclosure here.

Dairy Free Snacks for Babies and Toddlers

Dairy Free SnacksWhen Baby Budget was about 1o months old we discovered that she had issues with dairy. We immediately switched her to a dairy free formula and she now maintains a dairy free diet. When she was only drinking a bottle or just starting to eat food it was pretty easy to find things for her to eat. Now that she’s eating meals with us and wanting her own snacks I’ve found it more difficult to find things. I know that you can run down the snack aisle at the grocery store and pick up a million things that don’t have dairy, but most of those things aren’t items I would feed to a child. So, I’ve compiled a small list of dairy free snacks for babies and toddlers! 



Peanut Butter Toast


Dairy Free Yogurt

Fruit Snacks

French Fries/Tater Tots


Animal Crackers

Avocado on Toast or Tortillas


Banana Bread Muffins (This recipe is amazing!)



Fig Bars (We buy Nature’s Bakery)

When we are home we tend to focus on fruits and vegetables for snacks, especially during the summer because we are able to pick fresh from the garden. However, life happens and when we are in a hurry or even on the road it’s sometimes easier to toss some graham crackers in a bag. I’ve had a hard time finding new snack ideas or even meal ideas that are dairy free, but I have found that when searching it’s easier to find vegan recipes which are dairy free, than it is to just search for dairy free recipes! If you have any additional snack ideas feel free to let me know!

-Mama Budget


Sun Safety: How to Keep Your Baby Safe from the Sun

Sun SafetySummer is in full swing and that means we have been outside as much as possible! The only drawback to always being outside is that we’re constantly battling the sun. However, there’s a few things that can help make it a little easier. Keep in mind that these tips may not work for all ages, infants should not be in the sun as long as older children and most pediatricians recommend no sunscreen before 6 months so you should keep that in mind as well.
Sun Shirts or Rash Guards – These are a lifesaver! They help to cover a lot of the skin, if not all of it, and they keep the suns harmful rays off of your little one’s skin. Even better, they’ve started to make them in adult sizes so the whole familSwimZip Sunsuity can be safe. I’ve found them pretty much anywhere that sells swimwear for kids but my favorite brand is SwimZip! They may not be the easiest on your budget, but if you watch for a sale they are pretty reasonable.

Hats and  A lot of people forget about their head when it comes to sunshine. Hats are the perfect solution and if you purchase a swim hat or a wide brimmed hat it not only protects their head, but also their face and eyes. I’ve My Swim Baby Sun Hatpurchased a My Swim Baby Sun Hat for the last two years and will continue to do so until Baby Budget no longer fits in them. They are super cute, have a strap that you can tie, are reversible, and are machine washable!

Sunglasses-Most babies won’t keep sunglasses on, or even older kids for that matter. However, if you’ve got a stylish dude or dudette who doesn’t mind the shades then it’s a perfect addition to your outdoor wardrobe! We purchased a pair of Babiators last year when they had a sale and not only did they fit perfectly, but they offer a lifetime guarantee on them! Perfect for a kid who loves to see how far sunglasses will bend before they break!

Sunscreen – The opinion on sunscreen seems to vary depending on who you’re talking to whether it be parent or pediatrician. However, we use sunscreen and I have found that Babyganics is my absolute favorite! (EWG rates it a 3 on a scale of 10 with 1 being the best, but honestly I didn’t know that before writing this we had just received it as a gift.) It’s a little thicker than other sunscreens that we have tried, but I tend to like that because then I can see that I have applied it everywhere. We currently apply sunscreen every 2-3 hours depending on whether or not we’ve been in the water. You can always apply it more often if needed. Snoozy Pop Up Tent

Shade- This can be a little harder to come by especially if you are in an area with no natural shade. A few options
could be an umbrella or a kids play tent. I recently discovered a few different varieties on Amazon and am hoping to test a few out! My favorite so far is the Snoozy Toddler Easy Pop Up Tent, plus it’s only $20! We always try to seek out shaded areas but when it’s not possible we make sure to keep ourselves protected with the other ways listed.

These are just a few quick tips that I follow to keep Baby Budget safe when in the sun! Do you have any additional ideas?

-Mama Budget

-Read my full disclosure here!

Maxaloones: The Pants That Keep Growing

Have you ever heard of Maxaloones? They seem to be all the rage among the cloth diapering community, and after recently purchasing a pair, I can see why. Maxaloones are pants that can fit ages 6 months until 3 years. A typical child will change pant sizes 7 times during that time span, purchase a pair of maxaloones and they will fit the whole time. Not every child is the same, and some may fit into the pants much longer, just as others may fit into them a shorter time. Knowing how expensive baby clothes can be, especially when you are constantly buying new sizes, I thought I would give them a try. I purchased mine from A friend who makes them for $20, which seems to be the average price. You can find a huge assortment of styles and prints on Etsy, or if you are able to sew unlike myself, you could probably make them yourself.


Now down to the nitty gritty, how does ONE pair of pants fit for up to THREE years? Simple, the legs and the waist band roll up or down depending on the size you need!

See how one leg is super long and the other is short? This is what makes the pants “grow”. You can also do the same thing with the waistband. These are made of a soft cotton so they also have stretch in them. If you cloth diaper you know the issues of sizing up or down depending on your diaper, but with these it doesn’t matter! 

 (Sorry for the slightly blurry picture, baby on the move!)

Plus, with a wide range of prints to choose from you can have all the pants you need! It is warming up outside so if you prefer shorts you can also find shortiloones which work almost the same way with a growing waistband! 

Let us know where you purchase your maxaloones or what type of print would be your favorite!

-Mama Budget

Birthday Freebies!

One of my favorite days of the year just so happens to be my birthday, not because I’m getting another year older, but because of all of the freebies! Last weekend we went to the mall to pick up birthday freebies! You can find lists of places that give you free stuff on your birthday, but these are my favorite for adults. I’ll have another list coming soon of my favorite birthday freebies for kids!

Best Birthday FreebiesGodiva – $10 Certificate – The Godiva rewards program is my absolute favorite because they offer you a free piece of chocolate every month! I don’t live near one so it’s always a treat when I can visit because I’m obsessed with their chocolate covered strawberries. Their birthday reward this year was a $10 gift certificate that could be used online or in-store. I waited for a free shipping offer and purchased a coffee trio and a bar of chocolate for $1.03 shipped!

Victoria’s Secret – $10 Birthday Reward – I am signed up for Victoria’s Secret emails and received a $10 reward to be used in-store or online. It’s pretty rare that Victoria’s Secret offers free shipping so I went to the store. It can be pretty pricey because you can’t use your reward on clearance, however I was able to find underwear and beauty items that were below or at the $10 threshold.

Cinnabon – Free MochaLatta Chill – If you sign up for Cinnabon’s E-club then you will receive an email with a coupon for a free MochaLatta Chill. Even better when you first sign up they will send you an offer for a free minibon! I never knew these existed, but they are the perfect size for one person!

Sephora – Free Beauty Item – Signing up for Sephora’s rewards program not only offers you points and exclusive discounts, but they also offer an awesome birthday freebie. The birthday freebies change every year, and for the first time ever they offered a choice of items! I was able to choose between a Fresh Mini Cleanser and Mask or a Marc Jacobs Eye Liner and Lip Creme. These can be redeemed in-store or online.

Kohl’s – $5 Reward Certificate – Kohl’s offers a Yes2You Rewards program which gives you points when you make purchases, and they send you a $5 certificate for your birthday! Their The Big One Microfiber Pillows were on sale for $2.54, so I purchased two!

Starbucks – Free Drink or Bakery Item – Starbucks Rewards program offers you a free drink or treat on your birthday, and this year I received the email the day before my birthday, and it expires the day after. So, make sure if you sign up you are watching for the email so that it does not expire. Plus, you can get any type of drink that you want. Add in extra caramel, a shot of espresso, maybe some whip cream? It’s free!

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels – Free Pretzels – Sign up for their rewards program via their mobile app and you’ll receive a Birthday Freebiesfree pretzel on your birthday! I love the fact that you can choose any type of pretzel as Papa Budget and I like to share the pretzel bites! Plus, you’ll collect rewards points from the app and earn free pretzels.

Famous Dave’s – BOGO 50% Off Entree – This one isn’t exactly a freebie, but it’s one of the best meal offers that I received unless I wanted dessert, which I don’t usually have room for anyways. Plus, we used it during lunch time so the prices were reduced and it made for a nice inexpensive meal! You can sign up for their emails and they will send you various offers throughout the year as well as this birthday offer!

Best Buy – $5 Reward Certificate – Best Buy sent me an email with a Happy Un-Birthday gift! It was a $5 rewards certificate, and with another gift card that I had saved from Zyrtec Rewards, I was able to get Papa Budget a video game for free!

Dunkin Donuts – Free Drink – If you sign up for their DD Perks rewards program via their app they will send out offers including a free drink for your birthday. If your birthday isn’t coming up then wait to sign up. A few times a year they offer a dollar amount bonus for signing up and purchasing a gift card. Last year when I signed up I purchased a $5 gift card and received a $5 bonus as well as a free drink!

These are my absolute favorite programs to be in when it comes to birthday freebies. It’s not technically my birthday yet, so I may be surprised by a few new ones as well. Plus, make sure you check your junk/spam folder. As I was typing this I found an email in my junk folder with a birthday coupon!

What places offer your favorite birthday freebies?

-Mama Budget

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Free eBooks from BookBub!

Free eBooks from BookBubOne of my favorite ways to relax is to curl up with a good book. When I’m feeding Baby Budget I often read a book on my phone or Kindle. We used to go to the library weekly, but once Baby Budget came (and discovered a love for chewing on books) we stopped going as much. I’ve always looked for ways to get books for free and for a long time I would type in a subject into Amazon and then sort low to high in the books category. I would find a few titles but it was usually time consuming and some weren’t worth it. Then I was introduced to BookBub! When you sign up they help customize your experience so that they are recommending books that should suit you. Even better, they will email you a book list every day with discounted and free books! Plus, BookBub itself is absolutely free! You can sign up here!


Here are few of the books I’ve discovered via BookBub: (more…)