Sweetie Pie Organics Snacks Review

Sweetie Pie Organics ReviewI was recently selected as a Brand Ambassador for Sweetie Pie Organics and I am over the moon excited to share with you their products. We strive to feed Baby Budget the healthiest, low in sugar, organic products we can find. Assuming you also have a little one you know sometimes it seems impossible! That is until we found Sweetie Pie snacks. I am honestly telling you that even after trying these myself, they are amazing! My Sweetie Pie Organic snacks go everywhere with us. They offer tiny wafers which are great for teething little ones and freeze dried snacks.

Sweetie Pie Organics Tiny Wafers

Sweetie Pie Organics Tiny WafersTiny Wafers come in three different flavors; Carrot, Sweet Beet, and Apple. I have to say that my favorite flavor is Carrot, they almost have a sort of kick to them. So what’s in them? They have more than 50% of real fruit and veggie purees with no added sugar, preservatives or artificial colors. They are recommended for ages 12 months and up, however don’t be surprised if you find yourself snacking on a few! You can purchase these directly from Sweetie Pie Organics or from Amazon! Plus, if you’re a frequent Amazon shopper, they qualify for Subscribe & Save to help you save even more!

Sweetie Pie Organics Freeze-Dried Snacks

The freeze-dried snacks come in individually sized 1-oz. bags with a variety of fruit and Sweetie Pie Organicsvegetables. There are 5 bags per box and you choose from these three combinations:

  • Apple, Green Pea and PineappleSweetie Pie Organics
  • Mango, Sweet Corn, and Apple
  • Banana, Sweet Corn, and Blueberry

Just like the tiny wafers, they have no added sugar, preservatives, artificial dyes or coloring. Plus, they are also Gluten Free! They are recommended for ages 9 months or older.

Let me just take a minute of your time and explain how amazing these freeze-dried snacks are. Not only are they in individual bags, which makes popping one in your diaper bag super easy, but they are also great on the budget! If you compare the price of these freeze-dried snacks to organic freeze-dried snacks at your local store you should see a major savings! A small bag of freeze-dried organic blueberries at my local store was over $11! Plus, right now Sweetie Pie Organics is offering 10% off and free shipping on their site!Sweetie Pie Organics

To be honest, I had never tried a freeze-dried fruit or vegetable before receiving these and I’ve never tried another brand. However, these taste exactly like the real thing, which to me was surprising! Yes, you can go out and just buy corn, but can you stick corn, mango, and apples in your diaper bag when you’re in a hurry and your toddler needs a snack?

You can find Sweetie Pie Organics on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

-Mama Budget

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