Pampers Rewards Program

The average cost of purchasing disposable diapers and wipes per year is $830. If you’re spending that money on Pampers diapers then make sure you’re checking the packages for codes to their rewards program.Pampers Rewards Grow On

There are two different ways to earn goodies from the Pampers Rewards program. The first is from the Grow On! Program. This rewards you for entering in a code from a package of diapers or wipes every month The second is the points themselves, which can easily add up if you’re purchasing diapers every week.

Per their site:

“To get started, just enter the on-pack codes from the diapers and wipes you buy. You can also earn points for reviewing products, reading select articles, watching promoted videos and special bonus offers.”

When you’ve earned enough points for the reward you want you simply select your reward and it will be mailed/e-mailed to you in about 4-6 weeks depending on the item. Now, if you don’t purchase diapers or wipes you should still be signed up for Pampers Rewards because they often put out codes that are available for everyone to enter! You won’t accumulate points as fast as those who do purchase them, but every little bit adds up! We don’t buy either and I currently have 5,165 points! Here are some of the great rewards they offer:Pampers Rewards

They recently introduced the Pampers Rewards app and until April 10th, if you enter a receipt with a purchase of diapers or wipes, and another P&G product, they will give you an additional 50 points per product up to 1,000 points! What a great way to get started!

The site also offers great tips for moms and even has an area for special offers! If you haven’t already signed up for Pampers Rewards you can do so here!

-Mama Budget

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