How to Save Money on Infant Formula

Baby formula is expensive and depending on what type your child needs or your pediatrician recommends it can sometimes be difficult to find savings. Breastfeeding is highly recommended although it is not for every mom, and therefore saving money on formula can help any budget! I recently discussed the average cost of raising a child per year and found that formula can cost around $1,000!

Here are a few of my favorite money saving tips:

Similac Strong Moms Rewards1.) Sign up for brand emails. Similac and Enfamil are the best for sending out “care packages” and coupons in their emails, however they are also more expensive that other formulas. Signing up for brand emails will help you be the first one to know about savings or discounts that they may be offering.


2.) Ask your doctor if they have samples or coupons. We used Gerber formula and sometimes the waiting room would have coupons, but most of the time we would have to ask. Generally they would pull out a huge pad of couponsGerber Good Start Gentle Infant Formula and offer us a few. When we had to switch from milk based to soy formula they were able to offer us a sample can. It can never hurt to ask for coupons or samples. Plus, look around for other coupons or samples that may be out.

3.) Shop the sales. If your budget allows stock up on formula when there is a good sale. A couple of times a year Target offers a gift card with a purchase of a set dollar amount of baby items. Right now it’s spend $150, receive a $25 gift card. If you can spend the $150 then add in coupons and any additional store offers that they may have and you can save quite a bit.

4.) Check Amazon’s coupon page. Amazon offers coupons that are clippable on the products page, but you can also search them by category. I always watched for a coupon for the formula we used and would purchase if there was one. I saved up Amazon gift cards using Bing and Swagbucks so it was often free or really inexpensive.

Amazon Formula Coupon

5.) Email the company. When we switched from a milk based formula to a soy formula I emailed Gerber and let them know. They were kind enough to send me a few coupons for the new formula. Anytime you love a product or have an issue with it, let the company know and often times they will reward you for your honesty.

What other tips do you have for saving money on formula?

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