Average Cost of Raising a Child Per Year

The average cost of raising a child per year according to the Huffington Post is about $12,000 a year. This might seem steep, and depending on how you are raising your child it could be even more. Let’s get into the specifics:

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Diapers and Wipes:

You average 8-10 diapers a day, at about $0.20 a diaper if you catch a good sale means you will pay $730 for diapers. Add in wipes and that’s an extra $100. If you choose the cloth diaper route you will pay for your stash to start with which can average $100 for covers and prefolds. Add in an extra tub of laundry detergent every month and some cloth wipes for about $90.

Disposable $830

Cloth: $190

Feeding: This includes not only formula or nursing, but also solid foods when you baby starts to eat. Add in bibs, cups, utensils, and a high chair for the first year as well. Nursing mothers should have their pumps covered by insurance so we won’t be including those.Graco High Chair

Formula: $936 (3 tubs a month x $25.99 a tub)

High Chair & Utensils: $100+


SkipHop Clouds Unisex BodysuitClothing: Kids grow fast! Obviously there are ways to save more on clothing, like thrift shopping or hitting up the sales. On average we will say most parents spend about $50 a month on clothes for a child.

Clothing: $600

Furnishing the Room: Some parents take this to the extreme, whereas we purchased a crib, chair,Nursery Furniture and Bedding changing pad, linens, and a dresser. Everything else was either handmade or we already owned, so we’ll go off of our spending because if you’re reading this hopefully you’re frugal as well.

Furnishings: $550

Car Seat & Stroller: In the first year you will need an infant seat, and then if they grow as fast as baby budget aGraco Snugride Infant Car Seat convertible. Some seats are able to be used starting from infancy, however you won’t be able to carry them around like an infant seat. Our stroller and seat came in a set so the total will reflect all three. Don’t forget the second car seat for the second car or an added base.

Car Seats & Stroller: $400

Medical Bills: I’m pulling the numbers for this from Parents.com because medical bills will vary depending on the type of insurance that you carry. So the national average will be what we go off of. Plus, don’t forget all of the well baby checkups that are completed within the first year as well.

Medical: $8,802

Add it all up and we’ve reached a grand total of $11,418 as the average cost of raising a child per year. Notice we didn’t add in any extras, or even toys? A lot of our “extras” were either handed down or we received them as gifts, so those can be an added expense as well. These numbers can be quite shocking upon first look, but if you find good health insurance, shop the sales, and start saving it’s not so bad. Plus, nothing beats snuggling a newborn squish!


-Mama Budget

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