Tonight Took A Little Longer

I started Baby On A Budget not only because I truly want to help others save money while raising children, but also because I enjoy writing. I enjoy letting others know the endless stream of thoughts and ideas that cross my mind on a daily basis. This is my outlet, and therefore tonight I bring you…

Tonight Took A Little Longer

I bathed Baby Budget and put her in her pajamas. We read a book, drank a bottle, and then rocked. She decided it wasn’t quite bedtime so we went out into the living room and played, had a snack, and read another book. Thirty minutes later she still wasn’t quite ready for bed, but we went into her room to rock anyway. She drank a bottle, and we rocked. Generally getting Baby Budget to sleep is a pretty quick process, yet tonight it took a little longer. I rubbed her head and face, hummed her a song and we rocked. Did I mention we rocked? It took about an hour the second time until she fell asleep, and then we stayed there and I watched her sleep. Now what’s the point to all of this?

On a daily basis I see the crime and hate on the news and even my Facebook feed. I see parents who lose little ones way to early, and little ones lose parents too early as well. There’s so much sadness and hate in the world, that tonight I just wanted to spend extra time with Baby Budget. She won’t be little forever, and she surely won’t want mom to rock her forever. I laid my head on hers and simply smelled her hair and kissed her sweet head. Most nights I’m not home, as I work a full time job, and even when I am home I am often in a hurry that I forget to take extra time. I forget that in no time at all she will be grown. Yet, tonight it took a little longer and I’m okay with that. So when your little one just doesn’t want to sleep, or they need to be read just one more book and get that last drink of water, just remember they are not little forever. Hug them close and kiss them tight, because some nights it takes a little longer.

-Mama Budget

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  1. That is so true… Now that I am a grandma, I make the time to cherish my little ones! Don’t punish yourself though, we have all been like that, always something else to do, it’s life!

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