No-Spending Challenge Update: Week 1

The Budget family has just finished Week 1 of our newly created No-Spend 2 Week Challenge. At first, it was tough! I’m a huge couponer/deal hunter and love to find a good deal. So, finding a good deal and not buying it was kind of like torture. Then we sat down and had a discussion about why we were saving and what we are No Spend Challengesaving for. In the long run we do wish to be debt free (doesn’t everyone?) and to be able to travel at a moment’s notice! This helped a ton! Knowing what I was saving for made it a lot more bearable to skip out on the crazy good deals. Plus, if you’ve ever looked for a good deal before, then you know that 9 times out of 10, it will come around again. So, at the end of week 1 we spent $101 on groceries and $20 on gas. Our grocery bill was a bit higher this week but we needed to stock up on some essentials that will last a few weeks, it normally runs around $60 a week. I’ve also started to try and find ways to make more money such as using Swagbucks, and to save even more by cutting down on water usage and meal planning. This might not seem like much, and it probably isn’t, but I feel like if I start working on little things to save money, than it will just become second nature! Could your family survive a 2 week no-spend challenge? I have faith in you, give it a try!

-Mama Budget


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