Cutielunch Reusable Squeeze Pouches

I was recently tried out Cutielunch Reusable Squeeze Pouches. This could not have come at a more perfect time as Baby Budget is starting to want to feed herself, but isn’t the cleanest when it comes to pureed foods. I know that pre-made pouches are readily available at any grocery store, however I’ve heard way to many instances of mold being found in the pouches to even give them a chance. Enter, reusable pouches!

Cutielunch Reusable Pouches

These pouches have a zip-locking bottom and a cap that spins on or off. They are also see through in all areas that don’t have a design, this is one of my favorite parts because it allows me to make sure that the insides are completely clean when washing. They can be placed in the dishwasher, but I’ve found it super easy to wash them when I’m washing bottles. A bottle brush fits inside perfectly and gets all of the harder to clean areas.

We’re currently testing out different foods that work well inside the pouches but so far a few favorites have been applesauce, yogurt, baby cereal, and a smoothie. Depending on the age of your child you may want to make the contents a little thicker. We tried a smoothie and although Baby Budget loved it, it was super runny and ended up everywhere. You can pretty much put anything in these which is another plus because they are super versatile and all ages can enjoy them!

I was provided these pouches at a discount, however I’m pretty sure we’ll be buying more because we love them so much. If you want to purchase a set for yourself they are currently on sale for $12.99 at Amazon and you receive 4 pouches!

-Mama Budget

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