2-Week No Spending Challenge

Sunday was the beginning of my two week no spending challenge! This means that for two weeks we will be only spending on “needs” instead of “wants”. This can mean something different for every family, but for the budget family this means only buying groceries needed for each week of meals and gas for our vehicles to be driven only to work.

I started the no-spend challenge because I was looking for a way for our already frugal family to save even more. I’ve read so many blogs or articles saying to cut back on spend you should cut out cable, or stop eating out, cancel your gym memberships, etc. Yet, I always find myself asking, what about the people who have already done those things? How can I save even more? Well, this sparked the idea of the no-spend challenge to really see where our money is going. I often find great deals on things that we many not necessarily need, such as my closet full of toilet paper. Will we use it eventually? Yes! Do I need to keep buying more? No, not until I’ve diminished the amount I have to a much more manageable stockpile.

You can start a no-spend challenge and set the guidelines up for what fits best for your family. I suggest setting a time limit that you think is achievable but not going to be super easy. We set ours at 2 weeks but are hoping to hit a full month! You can also set guidelines for what you can and cannot spend on. Some families choose the route we are taking, others add in a date or pizza night. Let me know how you set up your no-spend challenge and how it turned out!

-Mama Budget

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