Nursing Pillow Freebie Review

I’m sure you’ve seen the freebies offered on the web for new moms, one of which is a nursing pillow. Yet, have you ever wondered, is this worth it? I’m here to help!

Now being used to babysitting family members and using their Boppy, I was expecting a Boppy. What I received was a small mailer with a squished pillow inside of it. Once I took it out of the mailer it opened up quite nicely, however it is considerably smaller than a Boppy. The minky (I received mine as a gift, minky is an extra $5) on it is super nice and soft, however it is not removable, so if this is super important to you, stop right now and don’t purchase one!

Nursing Pillow

It isn’t as firm as a Boppy so I don’t use it now that Baby Budget is starting to sit up, however when she was tiny it was the perfect size to prop her up so that she could see her surroundings, whereas the Boppy was too big. She still likes to sleep with the nursing pillow over the boppy because it is softer, and squishier much like a normal pillow. I as well as my dogs have even used it as a pillow from time to time! I will say that Baby Budget was not nursed, and therefore the Boppy might be a better option for nursing moms, because of the support it provides. I liked the nursing pillow when bottle feeding because I could squish it around to where it was comfortable.

Boppy vs. Nursing Pillow
                  Boppy vs. Nursing Pillow

Nursing Pillow vs. Boppy


So, which to buy? I love both, and would have done just fine with the nursing pillow, if it suits your budget and you’re looking for a firmer pillow then go for the Boppy, especially if that’s what you are used to. If you want to spend a little less, go for the nursing pillow. If you’re a little bit crafty, unlike myself, you could also create your own!

The nursing pillow is “completely free” using coupon code “BABYOAB15”, you just have to pay $14.99 shipping. Make sure when you are checking out that you remove the $2.95 exchange insurance, in my opinion that makes this even less of a deal! You can also choose to upgrade to minky for $5, or have it embroidered for an additional $9.95.


-Mama Budget


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